tales of a recovering perfectionist

painting is very good for my inner perfectionist

first, paint gets everywhere

there is paint on my carpet, paint on some of my dishes, paint in my kitchen sink, paint in my bathroom sink, paint under my fingernails ..

i am learning to let it be

second, my paintings never turn out exactly how i expect or intend

for instance, this painting was supposed to show the kaleidoscope behind my eyes during some recent reiki sessions (it’s orange and pink and white – clearly not this) but when i added the white, it looked like there was a spider web on the painting so i painted over the whole thing

i am learning to enjoy the process

9 Responses to “tales of a recovering perfectionist”

  1. my writing takes its own path, and usually surprises me.

    i’m liking the density of your painting!

  2. jen: your description of your writing process is perfect for this; the end result of my paintings surprises even me. πŸ™‚

  3. i am the same ~learning to let it go …that is an art ti itself!

  4. hey, i could do this! πŸ™‚

  5. Self-therapy! Can’t argue with that :o)

  6. ww: so true πŸ™‚

    helen: LOL, but I’m sure you could – or something even better!

    elk: it is an art!

  7. I, for one, love this painting! I love both the texture and the color!

  8. I used to do a lot of painting and I had paint everywhere, too. I, too, love the texture of this and your bold use of color. I LOVE color. You just have to follow where your brush takes you, E.

  9. I must be the only one having this problem–on google reader I can see your photos but not here on your blog.

    I came in to say I know what you mean about learning to let it be but now I’m having to learn to let this be….

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