weimy wednesday

I thought I’d take a quick break from the hot air balloon festival for weimaraner wednesday.

I am beginning to think that Atlas (or, I suppose, me) is the Pied Piper of cats. We are attracting them like wildfire. One morning, in maybe a quarter mile walk, we saw nine of them. Yes, nine.

This morning, Atlas made a kitty friend. The cat wandered towards us, stopped a few inches away (possibly wondering whether he should be alarmed at the giant eyes fixated on him), wandered around us for a bit, wandered up and sniffed Atlas’ foot, wandered around some more, wandered up and sniffed Atlas’ nose, wandered around some more .. foot .. nose .. foot .. I could barely drag Atlas away and home.

The thing I always feel bad about is that when Atlas does make friends, he rarely gets to sniff the cat back – when he finally broke his statuesque pose to try to sniff this cat (who was standing with his back to Atlas, butt in his face at the time), the cat gave a little hiss. It seemed rather unfair. But .. perhaps it just takes time to convince them that he really can be trusted.

eta: We ran into the cat again this evening. Apparently she lives on the route and doesn’t like to be indoors. She let Atlas sniff her – and he followed her around and around and around like a love-sick puppy. It looked like they were taking a walk together. I need to try to get video – it was hilarious.


10 Responses to “weimy wednesday”

  1. Just got home from walking my two lab pups and randomly came to your blog. Was amused by your experience with the cats. A couple of years ago my wife took our JRT walking and returned home with two kittens following close behind. Now we have 4 cats and they go with us when we walk the dogs. The neighbors think we are a crazy family. Atlas is a very handsome dog, by the way.

  2. awww, cute atlas:)…..it’s because he’s so big and scary looking, and he likes to eat cats (kia could attest to that)

  3. noturus: I love that! I would love to see that 🙂

    helen: he likes to love cats, not eat them.

  4. Word has got around that Atlas and of course yourself must are the friendliest pair in the neighborhood.

    PS: love the ears in full flight in this shot.

  5. I love your action shot of Atlas! That sounds so cute, he and the cat together!

  6. one of my favorite shots of this handsome boy…look at those ears!

  7. elk: I do love floppy ear photos

    gayle: it was very funny/cute

    liss: perhaps that’s it .. in that case, I hope they all start making friends with him soon!

  8. fantastic photo of the king! all regal and stately in his gate towards his new friend. first impressions count! i am so glad he finally had his own sniff party. yes a video would be the best. soon..a photo session. I would like to go to silver falls, i know you have been there but i still would love your company. end of july maybe when it gets real hot..? i will write an e-mail too. but i know you see this more often than e-mail 😉

  9. robin: his new friend in this photo is me (who is really hoping he doesn’t crash into her) 😉

  10. If nothing else, E, you must get a photo of Atlas and kitty. What a fun story! I wish Buddy liked cats. Actually, I think he does like cats, he just wants to play. He’s so boisterous, though, that he scares them into running away and then he thinks it’s a game and chases. I have no idea how Buster feels about cats. I love Atlas’ photo – he looks like he could fly.

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