do you see what i see

can you see what caught my eye


and made me giggle



13 Responses to “do you see what i see”

  1. Do people really go up naked!? Imagine if you fell out, tumbling to the earth in your birthday suit. *Shared giggle*

  2. Must wear clothing?!?!? What a funny sign. Made me laugh!!!

  3. Rats. There goes my plan for nude ballooning.

  4. The imagination runs wild…

  5. well libby, i hope you were adhering to the rule:)

  6. LOL! I wonder what incident occured that made that sign necessary. Hm… 😀

  7. Well, that made me chuckle this morning! Thanks!

  8. i need a sign like that on my front door.

  9. Personally, I like to go nekkid?!?! They should put the sign somewhere else, really!


    p.s. I’ve never been in a hot air balloon 😉

  10. I find it interesting that the sign is on the bottom of the basket.

  11. oh darn…i had planned to do this very soon and now I must follow the rules!

  12. elk: LOL, rules are made to be broken 😉

    jerry: me too! I mean, I can see why one might consider naked ballooning, but not really naked-stand-and-watch-said-balloons

    ww: me neither!

    jen: LOLOL

    nora: you’re welcome 🙂

    laura: I wonder too .. I’m sure it would make a good story!

    helen: of course not 😉

    jennifer: yes, it does!

    amy: don’t let a little sign stop you. I don’t think it was on *all* the balloons!

    marcie: me too! hence the reason I had to take a photo

    leanne: OUCH !!! ONTH, perhaps you would be distracted from the fall, thinking “please please please let me land in a not-public place”

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