pancakes and balloons

this was the last balloon to launch

I was happily eating pancakes (there was a pancake breakfast at the festival) when I noticed it in the air

the pancakes were yummy – nice and round like the balloons and my belly (I gave up wheat last week because it really doesn’t agree with me – but I seem to make lots of exceptions)


6 Responses to “pancakes and balloons”

  1. You can make pancakes with buckwheat flour & ricotta cheese and you’ll never go back again… Up Up & Away!

  2. This is my 2nd favorite so far… the first one is still my favorite. I just love the colors.

  3. I am amzed the balloons look so big compard to the baskets.

  4. It’s like a patchwork quilt!

  5. Elizabeth!!! I love balloons! This is love!!
    PS: Pancakes are wonderful too!
    ; )

  6. christina: yes, pancakes and balloons are both great 🙂

    becca: it is!

    liss: true that, I wonder how large the balloon would have to be to hold a basket twice that size?!

    amy: the first one is my favorite too

    maryann: oh, that sounds so good! I’ll have to try it sometime .. thanks!

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