balloons galore

have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon? it looks like such fun!


11 Responses to “balloons galore”

  1. I love this one too!

  2. No, but I definatly want to take photos of them after looking at your shots.

  3. I’ve never been but it looks fun! Only if I get to ride in one as colorful as this… 🙂

  4. No, and I never want to. I would love to enjoy them from the vantage point you did, though!

  5. I’ve been to a few balloon stampedes and they are so fun to watch, and so HUGE! They have some night glows, too, which are pretty cool. The balloons are tethered and filled with hot air and they look so gorgeous with the glow from the flame. BUT! I would not want to ride in one. All of that was pre-camera.

  6. toni: they have a night glow here too. I’ll have to go some year, but my night photos leave much to be desired 🙂

    leanne: I was wondering if they use different balloons for rides .. the baskets were so very small!

    julie: they were all very colorful!

    liss: it was a fun place for photos, that’s for sure

    amy: 🙂

  7. Love your pont-of-view. does look like fun!!!!

  8. NO, but I’ve always wanted to!!!

  9. beautiful! i want to fly……

  10. ann: me too!

    holly: if you ever do, you’ll have to report back!

    marcie: doesn’t it?!

  11. Nooooooo! This is the hotness!! I love this! Wow, you are rocking that camera!

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