checking for wrinkles

I took Atlas to the vet this evening to get his nails trimmed. While I was there, I noticed that he enters the geriatric wellness plan when he turns 8 (he’s a senior adult now). That’s two years from now.

Then, when we were out for our evening walk, someone asked how old he was. “6,” I replied. “Really, but he looks like a puppy still!”

I hear that a lot. Perhaps I should reconsider his wellness plan. Besides, the puppy plan is cheaper!


3 Responses to “checking for wrinkles”

  1. oh no you won’t!!!…..i won’t have you scrimping on atlas’s health:)… scrimping even a word???

  2. (yes on scrimping) please, I spend more on Atlas’ health in a month than I spend on my health in a year. 😉 you have nothing to worry about!

  3. I think you are only as old as you feel – maybe that works for dogs, too. Today I feel 70. 😦

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