I think I might be on a weimaraner kick. You’ve been warned.

I just love the expression on Sutter’s (purple collar) face. When I see it on Atlas’ face when he’s playing, it makes me smile.


5 Responses to “fierce”

  1. Two against one, no fair! I’m sure they takes turns on who picks on whom. Is that grammatically correct? Fun photo, E.

  2. The expression is amazing, so much detail in it. The eyes, mouth, noses and even the wrinkled skin between the eyes and mouth all speak loudly.

    This would be a great close up capture if you get the chance to take another shot of that expression.

  3. Love how they look as if they’re snarling and fighting..when it’s really just dog’s play!!!

  4. I was like WHOA…..he multiplied!!!

  5. ww: not quite! I don’t think my apartment could handle four Atlas’ 😉

    marcie: I know, it’s just great

    liss: it would be a fantastic close-up. If only I could figure out how to get Atlas to do it on queue – he hasn’t had it in a long time .. he played more so like that when he was a puppy

    toni: I think it changed the next second 😉

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