someday, I want this

a whole herd of weimaraners

clearly we will need two beds

but doesn’t it look like fun?!

the dog with the red collar is Atlas; the dog he’s gnawing on is his brother; the dog sleeping on the left is his mother, Noel; the dog on the right is Sutter – who was trying to ignore such wild and crazy pups

(I am doing some housecleaning .. I find that I am much more ruthless with my photos when I review them days, weeks, months, years later .. and let’s just say that I kept a lot of bad photos in the early days of my infatuation with weimaraners)


14 Responses to “someday, I want this”

  1. Julie was over last night and she said- “Wow, that’s a big dog over there”. (Our neighbors). Then she said casually, “It’s the same breed Elizabeth has”. …I see him every day (his name is Colby), and I never realized he was the a weimaraner- I just always think, “Man, Colby is BIG.” LOL! 😀

  2. and what will you do when they all want to sleep on the bed that you’re on????? 🙂

  3. That would be fun! It’s funny that Noel is sleeping through the play!

  4. being part of a big family looks a lot of fun.

  5. liss: doesn’t it!

    gayle: I know .. she was such a sweetheart. There were many moments when she’d be lying on the coach with her two (huge) sons piled on top of her.

    helen: I guess I’ll sleep on the floor, LOL

    laura jean: LOL !! Atlas is actually very big for a weim .. but I like big dogs. I’d love to see Colby now!

  6. This is great!! Such fun!! Would love to see them all outside..captured in play!!!

  7. What a fun photo, E! That’s a patient mama. I see a couple of weims in the town where I work. They always remind me of Atlas, and are pretty big, too. They are just wannabes, though. 😉

  8. ummmm…. call me crazy but this doesn’t look like so much fun… there can be such a thing as too many weims.

  9. WOW…that’s a lot of dogs. pretty colour they are. they look like they are having fun.

  10. oh wow, a herd indeed! Looks like they are loved.

  11. diane: they were very loved.

    se’lah: they were – and it was so fun to watch 🙂

    amy: too many weims?! never! sacrilege 😉

    toni: if I am ever in your town, I will probably be the crazy girl chasing them down to say hello, LOL

    marcie: ask and you shall receive! 😉

  12. Wow, that’s a lot of dogs! At first I thought you had photoshopped Atlas in various poses but it looked a little too realistic. I bet they were in their glory. 🙂

  13. julie: I am not that good at photoshop 😉 plus, they look very different! can’t you tell? 😉

  14. fun
    love the
    bed too!

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