simple things that make the soul sing

Christina of Soul Aperture invited us to join her in writing a list of simple things that make us happy. Such a beautiful idea .. so I had to play along.

Where to begin ..

: being greeted at the door with a happy wriggly puppy dance

: grilled asparagus with olive oil and sea salt

: a single purple flower in a vase

: writing my morning pages with a red pen and a yellow spiral notebook

: really listening to a neighbor

: slapping vibrant colors of paint on paper and canvas and a photo frame (it’s not safe to be a flat object in my house right now)

: watching the morning sunlight glisten on the grasses and cattails in the nearby wetland preserve

: feeling my puppy snuggle next to me while he waits for me to decide to get out of bed

: toasted almond gelato

: sun salutations and a long Warrior pose

: balloons

: the farmers’ market

: the laughter of children on a warm evening

: the pale pink and rose and violet and azure colors of twilight

: the sound of the Cistercian Monks chanting (sometimes it moves me to tears, sometimes it makes me rejoice, but it always makes me feel like God is present)

: snapping photo after photo of something “ordinary”

: knowing that my life is perfect, just as it is

I could go on and on, but this list makes me happy, just as it is.


24 Responses to “simple things that make the soul sing”

  1. “knowing that my life is perfect, just as it is”

    amen, sister, amen.

    Happy tears. ; )

    Thank you for playing along.

  2. WONDERFUL and touching list

  3. Such sensual delights and moments here…thank you! Love your creative space here… :o)

  4. “It’s not safe to be a flat object in my house right now.” HAhaHAhaHA.

  5. Knowing that my life is perfect just as it is… That’s wonderful!!! Me too!

  6. I am so loving this today! Everyone’s lists are filling me with joy.


  7. What a great list! I can totally relate to the feel of your pup snuggling close in the morning!

  8. Oh, Libby. You make ME happy.

  9. toasted almond gelato? where can i get some? 🙂 beautiful list and a few of my favourite things there too.

  10. My heart melted with a puppy greeting you at the door. A sweet list, Elizabeth. I also love the layout of your blog.

  11. Such a wonderful list, E. The first one warms my heart, too, when I come home and am greeted by Buddy. And Buster likes to snuggle when we go to bed – he keeps scooting himself in closer until he is as close as he can get.

  12. Your list has resonated with me, relate to much of what you have written.

  13. I love the list , I want to play too.

  14. Oh yes! Loving your list of simple things. Thanks for the peaceful journey.

  15. what a lovely list! as for the first, there’s nothing like the pure joy a pet both shows and brings. my dog is nine but is still wriggling at the door when i come home.

  16. Oh, Elizabeth, it makes me happy, too. I felt a little jump of recognition as I moved line by line. Such joy in this list. And morning pages. OH! I do love my morning pages. I write in a different color ink each morning until I finally run out of different pens, then I begin again.

  17. Lovely list..
    My life will be perfect in less than 20 more hours. 5 down, 15+ to go. 🙂

  18. I’ve gotta say – being greeted at the door by a happy pup – has to be high up there on the ‘what makes me happy’ list!!!

  19. Aahh, just to lie back and be in this list…soulful and wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  20. leau: thank you!

    marcie/m.heart: I’m with you there! I never tire of seeing that (and Atlas never fails to offer it)

    amy: there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    relyn: oh, that would be fun! I only have red and blue, but somehow I am always drawn to the red.

    se’lah: you’re very welcome

    liss: I hope you joined in! I am off to check your blog 🙂

    lori: I’m glad it resonated with you .. they are some of my current favorites

    toni: your pups are so sweet. Atlas doesn’t snuggle at night (except in summer, LOL – and I tell him that I know it’s love because I don’t push him away 😉

    shell: I can’t take any credit for the layout (it’s all WordPress), but I do like it!

    suvarna: Whole Foods! it’s been there all spring so far 🙂

  21. leanne: 🙂

    gayle: isn’t it a lovely feeling

    kath: I know! it was so fun to read .. and I still have a few left to enjoy!

    vchelle: I’m so glad!

    wanda: I laugh too .. but it is so fun painting that I am getting rather carried away, LOL (what’s even funnier is that I’m pretty sure acrylics aren’t meant to paint some of the things I’m painting with them

    tracy/cee: thank you!

    christina: thank you for inviting us to join in! it was so much fun!

  22. magical list of your simple things in life…I love the painting reference about being a flat space in your house….tee hee! perfect crop on the photo

  23. Dear Elizabeth,
    Your list is perfect! I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, but it didn’t work.

    Really listening to a neighbor or friend is a good one, but so is the toasted almond gelato!
    Have a great weekend.

  24. A perfect list! Writing your morning pages with a red pen in a yellow spiral notebook sounds lovely and balloons and morning sun glistening on grasses, well it all just sounds so simple and so perfect! I also had the same problem as you, that my list could have gone on and on and on…

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