my shadow

i refer to atlas as my four-legged shadow

this little kitten had a grey shadow too

11 Responses to “my shadow”

  1. I love this picture! Beautiful and alive!

  2. what a sweet little sunday morning face! nature puts it all in perspective doesn’t it. no pun intended!

  3. TOO SWEET! Those eyes….just gorgeous!!!

  4. is this angel yours? and Atlas’s?

  5. awwwwww….libby, why don’t u adopt her???????….jk i know you can’t, but…….i love it, very cute pic:)

  6. This is one pic that I can’t not show my daughter. As it would result in a trip to the pet shop!! after day of nagging “can I have a catty”

  7. liss: “a catty”, how cute .. how can you resist?

    helen: well, he’s found a home already, but he was a cutie – and didn’t mind atlas .. and cocked his head just like atlas (can you imagine if I had a photo of both of them cocking their heads – oh my word ..)

    elk: alas, no .. you can be sure that if the day finally comes when we get one, there will be lots of photos *with* atlas! 😉

    marcie: I loved the eyes, and the cocked head

    jen: good description

    tammy: it really does!

    viktoryiaN: thank you!

  8. Ooh.. looks like Dory! How cute. 🙂 Love the photo.

  9. Soo cute, E!! And those eyes are gorgeous (and I like it’s shadow).

  10. amy: he does look like dory! I didn’t even think of that. Which reminds me, I have to post that cute photo of Dory sometime.

    toni: the shadow was a cutie too, though she wasn’t feeling well so wouldn’t come closer to be photographed

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