every day is a good weimaraner day

Did you know that I have a weimaraner? Did you know that I adore my weimaraner?

I know .. it’s a shocker! 


But just look at those ears. And that face. And that soft coat. And the scrape on his nose because he missed me. And his willingness to let me flop his ears back. And the fact that he is on *my* side of the bed. And .. And .. And .. How could I not love him.


10 Responses to “every day is a good weimaraner day”

  1. what a sweet guy~your right …what’s is not to love!?

  2. So sweet! Love how you captured him sleeping…

  3. So cute with the ears pinned back.
    Our dog is getting old. The other weekend when I was at my mum’s I took some photos of her and realized just how hard it is to capture animals on the move. So I thought a bribe would work. So I popped inside to get a dog biscuit and then back outside to take the shot. Of course she tried to jump up and get the biscuit and her ears flopped back like this and I now have a similar shot.

  4. Oh, Atlas is so cute.

  5. am i crazy, or is there just something about Atlas? how he can look so little and curled up adorably with those long coltish legs, is amazing! he is a little love. btw, how did you come upon the name Atlas?

  6. And you forgot those big feet! I love those ears, though! So cute.

  7. toni: I cannot resist weimy ears 🙂

    tammy: he is named after one of my favorite books, Atlas Shrugged, and the man (in the myth) who held the sky on his shoulders (because I thought it was the world he was holding and thought it might be an apt metaphor). 🙂

    amy: 🙂

    liss: that’s the trouble with bribes, LOL! Atlas goes crazy when I try to bribe him and there goes the whole shot I was trying to take in the first place. I hope you post your photo!

    marcie: it’s the easiest pose to capture, LOL

    elk: nothing, just nothing .. 🙂

  8. They have the prettiest, shiniest coats. Such a rich color.

  9. relyn: I do love weimaraner coats ..

  10. He is just the handsomest pup!

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