purses and kittens

I bought a new purse when I was in Iowa City. The style looked so familiar. Then I realized it was because I fell in love with this particular brand (Hardwear by Renee) at the Saturday Market in Portland back in ’07. However, I talked myself out of buying a purse that day because I had bought a large shoulder bag from another artist, and didn’t think I needed to buy two bags in one day. Imagine my surprise to see the same purses in a gallery in Iowa City. (I checked and they are made in Oregon.) Clearly this is a love that was meant to be. (Also, I love my red one even more than the green one I was going to buy back then.)

I know, you’re wondering what on earth my new purse has to do with kittens. Well, the purse I bought is large enough to fit my Nikon. Yay! So now I carry it around with me – which means that I had my camera when Atlas and I walked into Nature’s Pet to see that they had three kittens looking for homes. Three very cute kittens.


6 Responses to “purses and kittens”

  1. every little fine whisker clearly defined. and only three colors, cream, gray and taupe. beautiful shot! now if we could find homes for all of them…. 🙂
    plus … red purses are so cheerful! make you feel like you have more money! 🙂

  2. happily, there is only one left. this one has a home. there was a grey one that was ill so went back to the shelter for intensive care. and there is a little black one – still waiting patiently. he is such a cutie – I’ll post a photo of him this week too (he was another poser). 🙂

  3. uh oh …i bet you got one…beautiful photo of a sweet face!

  4. Yet another fantastic photo. Too bad you couldn’t adopt those kittens.


  5. What a cute kitty and an excellent capture, E. I sure wish you weren’t allergic. Atlas would love you forever (not that he won’t love you forever anyway) if you brought a cute little black kitty home for him to play with.

  6. toni: oh, I know! and this little black one is adorable – and he isn’t at all afraid of atlas.

    jack: I don’t know if I could handle 3 cats! I have trouble with one dog, LOL

    elk: not yet, but maybe someday .. 🙂

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