what inspires you (creatively)?

what inspires me?

at the moment:


The Artist’s Way


brand new canvas, brushes, acrylics, and white duct tape

the song 24 by Jem


10 Responses to “what inspires you (creatively)?”

  1. white duct tape???????….what are u going to do with that?…currently i am not in a creative mood, although i do have a scrapbook to finish (& start) this summer 🙂

  2. well .. I saw the duct tape when I was buying the paint and something told me I should buy it. And then yesterday I had a vision for a painting that included the duct tape. It looks fabulous in my head .. we’ll see what it looks like in reality. 😉

    LOL .. you should probably get going on that scrapbook!

  3. a raging good thunderstorm . . . which we had last night . . . sunlight slanting across the room . . . and the smell of paint! but . . . i’m in a dry spell creatively and it always feels like it’ll last forever. 😦 🙂 will await the duct tape picture with bated breath! lol

  4. … a clean house. which then gets messy because I’m busy being creative… sigh.

  5. elizabeth, you are such an artist!! don’t you think you travel through different mediums and that is your theme? now you are embarking on a duct tape theme. lol.

  6. Well, it certainly isn’t the Brother’s Grimm movie I’m watching right now – it is totally creeping me out! What inspires me…a new flower I haven’t seen before. Variegated leaves, blowing in the breeze. Gold finches. Sunlight. My laptop, when it is actually working right, which it hasn’t been all weekend. Anybody have a sledge hammer?

  7. A great questions that strangely enough I don’t have a real answer to. Even after thinking about it. I am sad and off to bed to dream about something inspiring.

    I feel terrible that nothing comes to mind right now! is that bad?

  8. Now that’s what’s up!!! Whoo- graffiti is so where it’s at! Hmm… street lights, they are inspiring me.

  9. In the neighborhood I used to live, graffiti was a huge deal, I quickly learned to love the art of destruction…….the things those guys (and gals) can do with a can of paint is astonishing!

    Glad to hear you picked up paints again! Can’t wait to see some new creations :o)

  10. ww: it is amazing, isn’t it!

    christina: totally agree! street lights are great too

    liss: of course not! I think that often it’s hard to really articulate what inspires us .. your photography inspires me. 🙂

    toni: is this a new movie? I love the Brothers Grimm tons, but they are definitely dark .. really, fairy tales are!

    margie: we’ll see how long this duct tape theme lasts, LOL

    julie: thankfully a clean house does not inspire me, LOL, so there is no need to clean 😉

    tammy: oh, I love your list! The dry spell will pass. Oh – the Artist’s Way note that we fill our creative well through images – daily life – so taking yourself out and about helps fill the well. As does repetitive things like chopping or cooking or showering or knitting or .. (I think that’s what it said too .. must re-read that chapter)

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