the poser

one of my sister’s cats, puck, was very amenable to being photographed

(truth be told, i think she was just waiting to be scratched)

the other two, not so much


10 Responses to “the poser”

  1. I’m allergic to cats but this shot is too cute. I wanna scratch her…and then I’ll begin scratching 😉

    p.s. just thought i’d say thanks for visiting me. i appreciate your presence.

  2. She is so so so sweet. Love the color of her eyes.

  3. What a beauty s/he is.

  4. Oh, she is a poser – so cute!!

  5. talk about feeling like you could reach out and touch that fur!!! beautiful.

  6. Adorable. And Tammy is right, the fur looks so touchable!

  7. I am not a cat person but she looks a lovely cat. I’d be happy for her to sit on my knee.

    You have captured the eye really well.

  8. That is a very adorable cat!!! She looks a little like my Lucy, so maybe I’m bias… 😉

  9. She looks so soft! And pettable. 🙂

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