some might see paint splatter

By Elizabeth

May 22, 2009

Category: art, photography, travel


i see a giant watercolor painting

and falling stars

and jellyfish

and a game of pacman


14 Responses to “some might see paint splatter”

  1. I definitely see jellyfish, too!

  2. jellyfish yes . . . and on a clear night in July – huge fireworks that flash and then rain down!

  3. pacman I forgot about that for a few years…. I loved pacman- it was the only game I could get past the first level on.

  4. welcome back- btw 🙂

  5. I definitely see the jellyfish too.

  6. Definitely an abstract that we’d find in a museum of modern art!!! Wonderful color and composition.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks it looks angry?

  8. hmm, i see paint splatter:)…….can’t really see the pacman?

  9. helen: but the youngest is supposed to be creative! 😉 the pacman is that red spot on the right, eating the blue dot next to it ..

    leanne: i can see it now .. didn’t before 🙂

    marcie: that’s what i thought too! i wonder if the artist thought that ..

    lauren/chris: 🙂

    julie: i loved that game too .. it’s one of the few electronic games i did enjoy

    tammy: fireworks! i was sitting there, trying to figure out what else it reminded me of .. and it just was not coming to me. it was fireworks! thanks!

  10. love the dramatic nature of this photo. beautiful.

  11. Hmmm, the only thing I can’t see is pacman. I’m kind of with Leanne – the two pink blobs look like two angry people arguing and the blue blob in between is their angry words being spoken over the top of each other, mixing together to form a small cloud.

  12. I see my teenagers in big trouble for shooting their paintball guns at the garage wall;>

  13. red trees, blue fireworks, gray shadow of the fireworks (R to L)

  14. I see spilt cordial over the carpet.

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