i’m a princess

By Elizabeth

May 20, 2009

Category: photography


is what i imagine the flower girl at a wedding is thinking

13 Responses to “i’m a princess”

  1. I was thinking the other day, and I may have mentioned, but I love how you bring textures to life in your photographs. I always feel like I could just reach through my screen and I’d be able to pet Atlas or feel the soft curls of this girl’s hair. That is a part of your photography gift that is uniquely you.

  2. definitely a beautiful capture. the angle and texture are so flattering.

  3. Fantastic! Leaves just enough to the imagination.

  4. I’m so curious…the anticipation!

  5. ditto, Julie M . . . i wish i could have said it as well.
    also, i think there are poets with words and poets with images and E, you are so definitely both!

  6. Updos are a favorite part of my job! Love the perspective, E 🙂

  7. Great shot, E. Love your perspective looking down at the flower girl, who is looking down at her flowers.

  8. great view here ~happy moments for the princess

  9. elk: happy moments indeed

    toni: it was a fun perspective, though I’m sure it looked kind of funny to an observer

    jen: I imagine they would be fun to do!

    tammy: you are too kind, thank you!

    maryann: I hope you’re not curious about the whole outfit! Because, alas, this is the only one of her I plan to post (because she’s not mine .. and I don’t know if her parents would want a photo posted ..)

    marcie/se’lah: thanks!

    julie: thank you so much for the compliment! I have some kitty shots to post eventually that you will definitely enjoy then .. 🙂

  10. I imagine the exact same thing. I always wanted to be a flower girl but never got the chance. I think this is why I find them so adorable.

  11. I have not been to a wedding in a long time, this is such a pretty photo …. I bet she does feel like a princess.

  12. liss: i wonder if i ever wanted that .. it’s hard to remember ..

    kath: in watching her, i really think she did 🙂

  13. Yes, no doubt that’s exactly what a flower girl would be thinking.

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