good dog, bad owner

I took Atlas to the vet tonight to have his nails cut and his ears cleaned. He barked barked barked in my ear on the way there (he knew where we were going and likes to say hello to the kitties there) so I teased him and said, “Since you were loud, you’re going to have your ears cleaned.”

When the technicians try to take him in the back, he resists, but will eventually go if I pretend to go too. This time, he actually hid behind the door. Bad bad owner. I know he understands me (when I say “I should clean your ears” at home, he runs inside his crate). Why would I tease him like that. Sniffle .. But now his ears are cleaned – and they showed him a tiny kitten – so all is well.

[Note: I am on vacation as of Friday. I have some posts scheduled, but I have turned comments off. I’ll see you on the 18th!]


8 Responses to “good dog, bad owner”

  1. Well, you are absolutely no fun turning comments off while you are gone. That just isn’t right! You are bad. Bad blogger…bad owner, teasing Atlas. Poor pup. At least his ears are clean. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  2. another vacation! good, good! i’ve missed so much of what you have been doing with your sisters and your life..well one thing i now know is that you threaten Atlas like a human mom who says she will wash your mouth out with soap! i bet he cries and has bad dreams about q-tips.
    thank you so very much for your wonderful comments and comforting words about my dad. i really appreciate you as a friend in real life and a blogging pal. I hope we will be taking some photos soon! on a hike maybe…!


  3. you can almost reach out and pet that silky head with the clean ears in this picture! πŸ™‚ have a wonderful vacation!!

  4. not as silly dog is he?

    Enjoy your holiday.

  5. he’s so smart… have a great vaca

  6. I’ve always admired this breed. They’re beautiful and your capture is so different. I like it. Loved the read too:-)

  7. Wonderful image. Have a great vacation!!!

  8. I just want to pet his handsome head! Have a good vacation.

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