weekend’s over

time to head home


13 Responses to “weekend’s over”

  1. This brings back memories of me backpacking through Europe 🙂

  2. the red backpack looks so small compared with the others. neat shot!

  3. great shot! and this black background is perfect . . makes the colors even more vibrant.

  4. love the bright colors!
    i wonder what they did and what the personal odors were at this point in the journey?

  5. I don’t think I’d want to know what the personal odors were!! Cool shot, E!

  6. Looks like they had a fun weekend..though.

  7. I miss the PNW! Here, we just get a parade of muddy pickup trucks that have been out off-roading all weekend.

  8. This photo makes me curious. I love seeing people enjoying the outdoors and it makes me wonder about their stories- are they going home to corporate jobs? To families? Do they live in suburbs or “off the grid”? A love of the great outdoors can bring people of all walks together. 🙂

  9. I just found your site tonight through Toni’s site. This is a wonderful composition. The colors are just splendid and what a scene to convey your thoughts.

  10. liss: me too!

    julie: thanks

    becca: I know! don’t the large backpacks bring back memories!

    tammy: I can’t take credit for the background – it is chosen “magically” by the theme 😉

    jen: I don’t know .. I was actually thinking they were heading out, not in

    toni: LOL .. I don’t have a keen nose .. I wouldn’t even notice 😉

    marcie: I’m sure they did!

    jennifer: yeah .. I don’t know if I’d get too excited about muddy trucks .. but then again, it might make for some fun photos!

    julie: very interesting to think about! that’s why it’s always so much fun to talk to people and hear their stories

    sherri: thank you!

  11. oh great capture…i was imagining it was you on a grand adventure1

  12. oh great capture…i was imagining it was you on a grand adventure!

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