the light is all there is

” ‘Everything is made of light,’ he said, ‘and the space between isn’t empty.’ ”

– Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements


7 Responses to “the light is all there is”

  1. i love the Four Agreements. the far background in this picture reminds me of the picture on your blue lotus blog, which i find beautiful and simple and elegant. that is an excellent blog. i can only seem to get there thru this blog, however. maybe i’m doing something wrong. when i type in the address otherwise, it takes me to a wellness spa!

  2. well . . . DUH, E. Sorry! i just typed the blue lotus address in again and there it is, in plain site. . . . another senior moment for me i guess! 😉

  3. tammy: maybe you were forgetting the wordpress part? (no wordpress) does go to a wellness spa. It always reminds me that I need a massage. 🙂

  4. I love this picture. It reminds me of a picture I took of myself recently. I’ll email it to you. I’m sure that and this entry are a reminder to me from the universe. Thank you!

  5. Love the oversaturation….the light.

  6. I love the colors here. Very peaceful.

  7. julie/marcie: thanks!

    leanne: that was a great photo 🙂

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