I’m hungry

how about you?


13 Responses to “I’m hungry”

  1. Sam’s or Luke’s, E? What’s it gonna be?? The Seaside Cafe side sounds pretty good. 😉

  2. I totally didn’t even notice that! Oh, that cracked me up.

  3. book me a talbe at the seafood place. YUM!!!

    The colours are very appealing. I wonder if the get a lot of business based on their paint colour choice?

  4. Living in the PNW (McChord AFB near Tacoma) for four years has totally ruined me for seafood. I am now completely spoiled and have it shipped to me from WA!
    Great shot. I bet the food is wonderful at that little place.

  5. starved….it’s an hour before lunch:)

  6. I love the colors! I’m not a fan of seafood, but I’ll play the lottery! …yeah, I’m good at wasting my money like that. 😛

  7. Love the symmetry..the color..the sense of balance.

  8. how quaint…love little places like this!

  9. i’m feeling lucky!
    what time should I be there?

  10. What an interesting little place. Love the shot here.

    You should go back there for another shot once the flower boxes there are filled with flowers.

  11. That looks like a fun little place to eat! I’m always suckered in by cute looking places. 🙂

  12. julie: me too

    howard: good idea! they should be blooming by now

    jen: any time!

    elk: they’re the best kind, aren’t they!

    marcie: thanks! I thought of your candy land series when I saw it

    laura: I always plan what I’d do if I won, but yet I never buy a ticket 🙂

  13. helen: I hope you had a snack! you should recognize this, btw 🙂

    jennifer: we are spoiled. I don’t buy it nearly as often as I should!

    liss: well .. it’s sort of a touristy beach town, so they are all rather colorful.

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