a scene from days of old

We walked along the waterfront in Astoria while my sisters were here. When I saw this mural painted on the back of an old building, I couldn’t resist. It rather reminds me of vintage Christmas cards. Now, if I could have only moved the non-vintage trucks out of the way of my photo.


6 Responses to “a scene from days of old”

  1. an interesting pic. makes me think of an Edward Hopper painting. edward his first name? i think it is. he did the rather stark, mood capturing spirit of what looked like the 30’s – 40’s. . . . also . . . delighted to hear about Weinaramer Wednesdays!!!

  2. tammy: I knew you’d be happy. 🙂 Yes – Edward Hopper. I like him.

  3. Dam cars, don’t you wish they could just move sometimes and then when you want one in your shot you can never find one.

    This is a good blend of the old and the new.

  4. Looks like it’s from another century. Wonderful capture.

  5. I especially like the window scene that was painted. Maybe you could Photoshop in some old cars? Great capture, E.

  6. toni: I could, if I were better with Photoshop. 🙂

    marcie: thanks!

    liss: exactly!!!

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