happy happy monday

I’ve always loved Mondays. They’re my favorite day of the week. Well, along with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Anyway, while I was taking this photo, it occurred to me that if Atlas ever gets hurt on his little adventures, it’s not going to be the adventure that does him in. It’s going to be the girl behind him yelling, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Atlas .. Atlas .. be careful .. oh dear .. please don’t hurt yourself puppy. Ahhhhhhh!”

I was yelling this while he was clambering up a slippery rock face that I thought wasn’t climbable. Of course, he had to turn around to see what all the excitement was about. Which is when I realized the error of my ways.

You’d think I wouldn’t be so worried. I’ve done the crazy adventures. I know how fun they are. Must stay calm.


7 Responses to “happy happy monday”

  1. we’ve narrowed the favorite day(s) down to four per week. unless there is a holiday on a tuesday or wednesday, then it would be max six fave days. 🙂

    a mother’s love…makes for good worrying!

  2. oh my heart skipped a beat! Gayle is having a Pet Parde starting Wed since so many bloggers have pets hope Atlas can come out and play

  3. There comes a time where you have to let go of the lead a little.

    You made me giggle with over protective parenting, but it is so true.

  4. i think i must be the last to read Marley and Me but read it yesterday – laughed out loud and bawled like a baby. except for the destruction of his home, Atlas reminds me of Marley, with his love of adventure, sheer strength and lovey-ness…am i alone in thinking we need at least one pic a week of him? i know! make every Monday, Atlas the Pup Day! sorry… i’m a bossy mom.

  5. tammy: I didn’t have a photo blog when he was a pup. There was destruction galore. 😉 Anyway, you’ve reminded me of an earlier idea – which I started but wasn’t consistent at – weimaraner wednesday. I’ll start again this week. 🙂

    liss: LOL, he was off the lead at the time, and I was sure wishing I had hold of it. 😉

    elk: I’m in!

    jen: I’m glad I’m not the only one with many favorites!

  6. I don’t dare let Buddy off his leash unless we are in a confined space with all gates securely closed and latched. He’d take off and not come back for hours. He did that once up in the mountains when we were packing up to go home. I guess it wasn’t hours, but a half an hour or so that he was gone. I was starting to panic – the dingbat had so much fun running around in the snow. I was picturing him being eaten by mountain lions. I can so relate!

  7. toni: half an hour is worrisome. Atlas didn’t come back for about that long once on a trail. I was pretty panicked. He looked very unconcerned when he finally came racing along the trail. Doggone pups.

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