a promise

see more love thursday images over at chookooloonks

9 Responses to “a promise”

  1. Reminds me of a carving tree we had for the neighborhood. It was at the end of Leanne and Laura’s driveway! Many a middle and high school crushes of the neighborhood kids were carved into the tree. 🙂

  2. Love is in the air. Great observation, E!

  3. 2007 …. I wonder if the are still in love?
    It is a sweet declaration regardless.

  4. I like the time carved in. Somehow it draws my attention to the quickly passing emotions of teenagers–as if below might be carved Brenda and Ricardo 5/22/07 9:10 PM ;>

  5. Great find!! Love is EVERYWHERE..or at least the promise of it.

  6. I’ve never seen one that had the time on it before! That’s funny.

  7. oh poor tree…love the gray bark…hope they are still together!

  8. Great capture. This picture has inside love itself.

  9. julie: I’d like to see this tree. Any names I’d recognize?!

    toni: it is spring after all!

    liss: I wonder ..

    kym: I didn’t even notice the time until you pointed it out! I have a shot of the whole tree – I’ll have to check the one below.

    marcie: love, or the promise of it, both are good

    ww: I know, I am just loving that now

    elk: me too. or that they’ve forgotten about the tree. 😉

    bogdan: thanks!

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