sea salt

can you find the sea salt in this photo?

ahhhhhh .. sea salt .. I love it

in my kitchen, I have a coarse pink sea salt from Australia, a velvety grey sea salt from France, and a flaky black lava sea salt from the Mediterranean – but somehow, I have no regular salt


13 Responses to “sea salt”

  1. what a gem ~ still life full of purple!

  2. oh sea salt is divine Elizabeth…

  3. Love the colors..would never have guessed it was sea salt!

  4. the colour is so pretty.

  5. lovely bouquet…in the vase?

  6. jen: it’s the pink blocks! you could buy blocks of sea salt (and then grate it, I imagine).

  7. It’s gorgeous! Does it last forever?

  8. I love sea salt, too, but I must confess that I use mostly kosher. I think I might have a little bit of regular salt left in a really old shaker, but it could be sea salt…I kind of remember filling a shaker with sea salt once…hmm. Beautiful bouquet of flowers. I bought myself some roses and tulips yesterday. They are so cheery. Thanks for the comment on today’s post. I was afraid it might look too boring, probably because I see it every day. 😉

  9. Beautiful! I love the colors. I have some grey sea salt that’s course and also a blend that has pink specks in it. I like kosher as well. They don’t have the metallic taste of normal table salt. I have to say though, your pink sea salt sounds the funnest of all, although black would be interesting too! Do they have specific tastes?

  10. elk: it is divine. as long as I have sea salt and olive oil, I don’t need much else. 🙂

    marcie: until I saw it, I had no idea that it came in blocks!

    liss: isn’t it?! I just loved that pink color.

    leanne: I don’t know. I should have asked .. on another visit.

    toni: I’ve been buying myself tulips for the past few weeks now. They just brighten the whole house up.

    julie m: truthfully, I have a hard time telling the difference. According to the girl in the store, they do – but I don’t know if my palate is sensitive enough. I think I love sea salt because it’s just saltier than regular salt, and I am a huge fan of salt. 🙂

  11. Lovely picture!

    Pink Sea salt (himalayan) is so much tastier than other salts, and good for you, besides!

    I get mine @

  12. Wow, maybe you can teach me a thing or two about exotic sea salts……never heard of such things! Funny because Cody and I were just talking about how we needed sea salt last night 🙂

  13. michelle: I’ll have to try it sometime!

    ww: I may have them, but my knowledge of them is limited. 😉

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