I think I’m a little rusty

at doing my own taxes

it’s just so handy to take them to a tax preparer

I was never sure that I did the stock portion correctly anyway

now, all I do is write out a few checks

8 Responses to “I think I’m a little rusty”

  1. Yeah, I guess it is April 15th today, huh? Maybe I should start mine… 🙄

  2. Davin and I have a “discussion” EVERY year about who should do our taxes. He thinks he can do them just fine. I’m convinced that if we brought everything into a professional they would find deductions that Davin would *obviously* miss. However, he’s Mr. Money Dude, so I don’t put up a huge fuss. Even though I know I’m right. 😀

  3. The tax man always does mine for me

  4. oh perfect..
    rust i like
    taxes not so much


  5. I’m with you, pay the expert.

  6. you’re a wonderful abstract artist with your camera E, i like the play of shadows on the white wall and the color of the rust . . . why don’t you open a gallery? what would you call it? i’m also a follower on your blue lotus site. just can see you now. . . the very zen like space that calms and delights the soul with unusual perspectives and the reiki that heals spirit and body. . . it would be minimalist of course and Atlas would greet each person with his wise eyes and puppy sweetness!

  7. i used to do my own taxes. now i wouldn’t dare. too much to mess up.

  8. maya: I think I’d do them correctly, it’s just such a time-saver to not do them!

    tammy: you would not believe how wonderful that sounds. My sister and I used to talk about how fun it would be to own a coffee shop / art gallery / neat gifts store. I should remind her of that. She could dispense psychiatric advice in the back room. I could dispense reiki. And Atlas and the kitties could bless it with playfulness. *happy sigh*

    maryann: YUP! except last year I did have to explain to them how to do the Oregon cultural trust donations, LOL

    elk: I did enjoy them .. the part of me that loves math and accounting and order. 🙂

    liss: I’m glad – it frees you up for more important things. 🙂

    laura: LOL. Sounds like it’s a good task for “Mr. Money Dude”

    toni: I totally forgot! I am usually on top of this in February, and all of a sudden it was April, and I hadn’t even thought about it at all. They needed a W-2 breakdown from me and when I said, “Well .. I’ll try to drop it off next Monday”, she said, “But Wednesday is April 15th”! Oops ..

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