childhood games

this reminds me of Connect Four

only it isn’t

it’s another set of light bulbs


10 Responses to “childhood games”

  1. oh so cool looking ~ great eye as always!

  2. I played a lot of Connect Four, Hi-ho Cherry-o, and Husker Du growing up! Fun times…

    I love your creativity.

  3. Hey it’s connect the lights and when you get 4 in a row they could flash 🙂
    That would be cool.

    Nice composition in this shot

  4. i don’t think i have been over to visit you since the day we took these photographs. i am sorry 😦 and yes the bluebell photo was from the the sea salt, chocolate, wine store. isn’t that amazing! i didn’t know what it was going to be so lovely until i had it up in Photoshop.

    only you could make this interestingly graphic-like photo look good elizabeth. i ended up tossing mine. i just can’t see the possibilities like you do…until i see them here and then i say to myself “why didn’t i take one of those?”

  5. Again, the graphics are lovely, this picture. I want to touch them. ; )


  6. for some reason these became little faces looking at me . . . they have a lot in common with wall.e ! 😉

  7. So very creative! Love how you’ve managed to look at this in so many ways.

  8. They look like a bunch of little alien faces to me, with two big eyes and a little mouth. Very cool, E!!

  9. I love this image – and the title is so creative. The asymmetry makes a compelling subject – and you were able to transform an ordinary subject into sublime. Well done!

  10. thanks bill – appreciate the comment!

    toni/tammy: oh, they do resemble faces – love it!

    marcie/christina/elk: thanks!

    robin: that is amazing! it was so beautiful.

    liss: that would be a fun game!

    julie: fun times, i agree

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