lights, camera, action

Robin and I went on a photo walk down Mississippi Ave last Saturday. We spent a lot of time inside Sunlan Lighting – a store full of every kind of light bulb you can imagine, as well as lamp parts. There was quite the assortment!

9 Responses to “lights, camera, action”

  1. That is a good idea… I am sure you got some good shots like this one…

  2. Who’d have ever thought a bunch of lightbulbs could make such an interesting image. Excellent!

  3. you are so “bright” …I imagine the two of you clicked away~


  4. You had a lightbulb moment, E – a great idea to photograph these lights. I’m trying to be really pun-ny, but it isn’t working very well. 😦 Great shot, at any rate!

  5. I love this. The graphics of the shot, is killer. : )

  6. Do they have lampshades? I have been looking for a lampshade for my daughter’s room and do you know all the lighting store I have visited stock very limited kids range.

    I hope you and Robin had a great time on your walk and got some good shots.

  7. Sounds like a fun store! I debate over lightbulbs for like 1/2 and hour at a time!

  8. i really like how it rainbows out at the very end! i knew when i saw this in your camera preview that i was going to like it.

  9. robin: I didn’t notice that rainbow – love it! I liked more of them in my camera preview than I did when they were on my computer this time.

    julie: it was fun! you would be in this store for hours I think.

    liss: no lampshades. it was a fun walk – a perfect sunny day and lots of fun shots. 🙂

    christina: thanks!

    toni: very punny 😉

    elk: that we did!

    marcie: I know! I was surprised at how neat some of the resulting shots were

    sidney: I did get some shots that I really love for sure

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