really aren’t ever ordinary

are they


16 Responses to “flowers”

  1. So pretty…. plus I like the vase- also so pretty…

  2. No way! Love! What a capture.

    Thanks for brightening my morning.

    Happy Love Thursday and Happy Easter/Passover.

  3. i am with you …flowers always come through no matter what stage they are in…can you eve imagine not seeing them that way?!

  4. you have a gift. the simplicity and beauty of your pictures are enlightening and centering and charming!

  5. I agree, flowers are never ordinary. Especially when captured like this – beautiful!!

  6. What a beautiful spring pink

  7. These make me so happy. They remind me of the Easter season and of springtime. And of weddings. But mostly of happiness. Thanks for this photo!

  8. leanne: you’re welcome! They are a familiar wedding flower. Now if I only knew what they were.

    liss: agree

    toni: so very true

    tammy: thanks so much!

    elk: I can’t. It’s a good metaphor for beauty in us, I think. 🙂

    se’lah: the same to you!

    laura jean: I like the vase too. It was so pretty.

    sidney: they really were. all the flower arrangements there were gorgeous.

  9. These are lovely. Pink is love.

  10. No, they aren’t. Beautiful flowers, captured by an extraordinary woman!

  11. how beautiful! i recognize this, your floral take from our day and it is wonderfully rich! the blue backdrop for the pink is luscious!

  12. robin: clearly that was a great shop for flower photos!

    julie: awww, thanks

    christina: that it is

    ofg: thanks!

  13. I love this one! The lighting, the colors…it’s all so pretty.

  14. jj: thanks

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