two rays of sunshine

a vase of sunflowers in a corner window

my ever beloved pup


the sunflowers look so lovely in this particular window, but it is one of Atlas’ cat-watching windows and he gets rather excited when he sees a cat. I rather wonder if his nose and the vase will collide someday.


15 Responses to “two rays of sunshine”

  1. love the colors in this one! I’m still chuckling that you’re going to get your pet a pet. 😉

  2. Love the image and the juxtaposition of the dog and the beautiful flowers. Sweet!!!

  3. I love this shot! The colors of the sunflowers complement Atlas’ coloring really well. The town where I work has a couple of weimeraners that I see out walking with their human every once in a while. They aren’t as purty as Atlas. 😉

  4. i have missed atlas

    i have missed sunflowers

    now i have both!

    atlas would win a tangle with the vase!

  5. such a sun happy scene! He looks so intent 🙂

  6. So crisp, so bright – beautiful composition.

  7. Cute, cute! Love it.

  8. On a second look, it’s cool how the photo looks almost b&w except for the flowers. 🙂

  9. That is a beautiful dog !
    Great colors in your picture!

  10. You’re really mastering the pet shots ;-). No pun intended.

  11. love this photo! the sunflower yellow and weimer grey… is he a really dark one?… very pretty together.

  12. Awwww what a great picture!

  13. such a pretty picture.

  14. julie/lauren/sidney/gkp/marcie: thanks

    leanne: I’m glad you loved it

    rebecca: he’s not overly dark .. I think it’s the shadows.

    se’lah: lots of practice – as the pup will attest. 😉

    julie: me too 🙂

    robin: he was .. he was looking for kitties. 🙂

    elk: it has been a while since I posted an atlas photo!

    toni: oh, I love seeing other weimaraners. I chase them down, LOL

    becca: I suppose it is rather funny 🙂

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