fading like a flower

but still beautiful

13 Responses to “fading like a flower”

  1. The yellow one looks a little bit how I feel today. 🙂

  2. Which made me smile, so thanks for the photo!

  3. every time you leave the room i’m…

  4. “but when you leave it seems I can’t let go ..”

  5. leanne: I’m glad it made you smile. The petals on that orange flower have dropped even more, and I just love it – it looks so adorable. 🙂

  6. fading yet stunning…nice job Elizabeth showing the “other side” of the flowers

  7. Oh…love the metaphor here. The horizontal background white stripes are wonderful!

  8. The clean white lines leading to the drooping yellow petals satisfy my eyes!

  9. Definitely still beautiful!

  10. Lovely, and yes, beautiful. My favourite is the rust-coloured one…

    Happy Love Thursday!

  11. I feel like I want to nurture the orange flower back to good health. It’s amazing how beautiful the orange one still is. Lovely perspective, Elizabeth.

  12. it’s like the flower is exhaling… the flowers next to the blinds – cool effect.

    I’m not sure if I ever answered your San Diego hiking mountain question –
    if so, sorry for being redundant. Cowles Mtn. is in San Diego proper. I was trying to think of the mountain in Vista, but no luck. The county is great ideal for hiking – so much to choose from.

  13. MaryAnn: thanks! different mountain then. 🙂

    liss: I loved them even more as they faded. They reminded me of little button-like noses.

    Se’lah: mine too!

    toni: agree

    kym: it’s funny .. I don’t love blinds, but I am really liked them as a backdrop lately, so I don’t mind them as much anymore.

    marcie: thanks

    elk: I try 😉

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