black coffee

have you seen the movie feast of love?

(if not, don’t watch it)

I had coffee on Sunday at the coffee shop where they filmed the movie – the fresh pot – a great little independent coffee shop

they are also known for their coffee – and one of their baristas took first place in the NW Regional Barista competition

I only love coffee when it’s heavily disguised with milk and chocolate – but I did enjoy my mocha


10 Responses to “black coffee”

  1. That looks really tasty and very pretty! I only love coffee when it’s disguised as mochas, too, but I can’t drink them – my tummy complains terribly when I do. I drink chais instead.

  2. Oh, it’s so pretty. It would taste yummy too, on this cold, snowy morning in MN!

  3. That looks like a work of art. I love coffee and I’m delighted that the Starbucks/Costa revolution has taken the UK by storm, so now we can nip in for one almost anywhere there is civilisation.

  4. i *heart* coffee.

    and now i want to know why i wont be watching that movie!

  5. it just wasn’t good .. I only managed to watch a little of it, but I was told not to watch it by others who did watch it. I believe it was horribly depressing .. and not in a way where the movie is so good that it makes up for it. Maybe Amy will read this and comment more ..

  6. That looks too pretty to drink. It would make a great photo to frame for the kitchen.
    I haven’t seen the movie. I do like independent films but never know which ones to skip (I don’t love them all) so thanks for the warning!

  7. For some reason I hate the taste of coffee, I have tried latte’s and weeker coffee’s but still can’t seem to enjoy the taste of it.

    However I love the idea of coffee and all it stands for. So I have a hot chocolate instead.

  8. The worst part about the movie was that it marketed itself as a romantic comedy… but it wasn’t. It was a drama with maybe a smidge of comedy, so I was completely blindsided by it. And it made me cry, and that wasn’t the kind of movie I was going for at the time….

    I love the photo… and I’m sure I’d love their coffee.

  9. I love coffee too…black !
    This cup of coffee looks very inviting !

  10. sidney: I can’t do black – it tastes like coffee then. 😉

    amy: thanks! you would love their coffee .. too bad you aren’t here

    liss: I have hot cocoa often for the same reason .. it’s like coffee, but without the coffee taste. I always tell the barista that if I didn’t feel silly ordering a mocha without espresso, I just might. 😉

    julie/jen: there you go .. watch away – but only if you’re in the mood for a drama. 🙂

    ews: that’s one migration (Stbx) that I don’t mind a’tall 🙂

    leanne: I imagine it would be good on a cold morning!

    toni: oh, I like chai!

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