I met a fellow Lens Junkie for a photo walk on Mississippi Ave. Five minutes into the walk, my camera battery died. I thought about recharging the battery before I left, but I couldn’t tell whether the battery icon was telling me that I had lots of juice or only a little bit of juice. Now I know. It was still fun – I captured images with my eyes instead – but it just amused me.

I took Atlas to the pet store to see if they had a new kitty for him to visit. They did. A potential family came in, so I kept Atlas on the other side of the store until they left. Anyway, I was trying to step on his leash with a giant rubber wellie (to make sure he stayed) when I tripped over my own feet and fell down. When the next customer came to the register, there I was – lying on the ground and giggling away. He had just read an article on dogs and falls so was not surprised.

I almost finished assembling my chairs, only to realize that I accidentally put one of the chair tops on upside down. I am tempted to try to fix it (not sure it’s possible) but I think it will be good for the perfectionist in me to leave the chair as-is.


14 Responses to “yesterday”

  1. i heard about that news thing too…….haha i can just picture it:)

  2. does the dog really like the kitty, or just like to hate it?

  3. Oh, E, I can just picture you lying on the floor giggling away! I’ve had a number of near misses with the dogs and one actual fall, well two, but one was because of weather so it doesn’t count. That’s too bad about the battery dying on you, but at least you enjoyed the day anyway. Just thinking about your upside down chair is bothering the perfectionist in me! 😉

  4. davis: LOVES them. adores them, really. if you ever saw him around cats, you’d understand just how much. I am going to get him a kitty of his own this year – and I am pretty sure that I am going to be in tears when I see his face when I bring it home.

    toni: ahhhhh .. don’t say that, you’ll get that part of me fired up, LOL.

    helen: it was funny! atlas looked very confused as to how I got there.

  5. words full of laughter…angst…kitty love…and surprises …this was so much fun to read and a treat photo too!

  6. Please do not get Atlas a kitty, unless YOU want a kitty. Kitties are not dog toys, and you need to want to live with it and love it loooooooong after Atlas will be gone. When we get a dog, it will be because we want a dog and not because our kitties need a dog to boss around. (This has been a public service announcement from your kitty-loving sister.)

    I can picture you on the floor laughing. 🙂

  7. elk: thanks!

    amy: you know me! *picks herself up off the floor and stifles her giggles* interestingly, I do want one. for various reasons .. I am too lazy to type out. 🙂 anyway, atlas doesn’t want a kitty as a toy – he wants a kitty to love! I expect the kitty will boss him around. 🙂

  8. so much news in one post! you are full of surprises…and fun…and falls i guess too 🙂 for only having ten minutes camera time i would say you made good use of it with this linear blue piece 🙂

  9. robin: true, I am happy with the shots I did get. 🙂

  10. Laughing right along with you!!! Love the repetition of form and color in this image. Very nice!

  11. Sometimes, we just have to laugh at ourselves 😉 Great post.

    Thanks also for visiting my Necessary Room blog and for leaving me a nice note. I so enjoy them.

  12. One of those days… funny!

  13. Ah! I’m always afraid of a dead battery! Thought about purchasing an extra, just in case, but not yet!

    I love the simplicity of this image!

  14. Dead battery oh no. I once charged up my battery ready for a night of NYE Fire Works. got to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, turned on my camera and realised I left the battery on charge at my friends apartment. Woops!!!

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