today is earth hour

it is a beautiful world

and we have so little time in it

be happy

and be kind to our home

13 Responses to “today is earth hour”

  1. This is so layered. I really like it.

  2. The criss cross bands of shadow and sand are subtle and so like you to notice. I might have missed them but you saved the moment and showed us. Thank you.

  3. So true. Thanks for reminding us…

  4. Wow. Have you thought about publishing a book of your best photography?

  5. Love the soft colors and almost zig-zagging colors and composition. Really nice!

  6. And what a great day it is. Lovely image.

  7. When I first looked at the photo, I was glad to see the beach. I so miss it here, in the middle of the country. Theo was in my lap and I was doing a quick through on my fave blogs, and didn’t even notice the ‘S’ or zig-zag until this time visiting. I was able to read the comments, with Theo napping there is less action and more time for reflection. I always love good layers. sigh 🙂

  8. your picture and your words form a perfect Haiku.
    thank you for sharing your lovely perspectives with us.

  9. Your photo is beautiful–as are your sentiments.

  10. You always make me miss the ocean and Canon Beach is my favorite spot. Wonderful post, E.

  11. Whoops, that would be Cannon Beach, not Canon – that would be my camera. 😉

  12. There are so many beautiful places on this earth, and they are all very important to make an effort to save. I wish more people could see the beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  13. that is a wonderful sentiment elizabeth. so heartfelt and sincere.

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