blue skies

nothing but blue skies

is what I’d like to see


13 Responses to “blue skies”

  1. The angle and the clean lines backed by the softness of the clouds and the glorious color of the skies makes a nice contrast!

  2. oh what a lovely image ~the white will be cover in vines soon?

  3. Love the color and graphic simplicity. Excellent composition!

  4. I love the picture… and the song… makes me want to watch White Christmas. 🙂 Even though it’s spring.

  5. Blue skies with white puffy clouds, what more can a girl ask for? Great shot.

  6. positive confession!

  7. Beautiful, crisp blue sky! Gorgeous!

  8. How did I miss this yesterday? Awesome shot!!

  9. I’m ALL about the blue skies!!!

  10. Now those are some blue skies! Perfect!

  11. Blue skies always does a soul good. Lovely shot.

    Found through Toni’s blog.

  12. thanks, all!

    amy: white christmas??? is that song in the movie? maybe I should watch it someday ..

    hi, targo – thanks for commenting!

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