five senses friday, take 2

it feels like it was just five senses friday, and here it’s time for another round! don’t forget to visit abby try again for more.

sight: mud puddles, green grass, and – oh yes – buds and blossoms!

smell: almond extract – it makes a wonderfully fragrant air freshener

taste: pho – with a heaping pile of bean sprouts, basil, and freshly squeezed lime juice .. I slurped down the entire giant bowl of it because it was too good not to

sound: “I don’t know, where to go, what’s the right team. I want my own dream, so bad I’m gonna scream”. Yes, I’m watching High School Musical 3. What can I say, I’m a teenager at heart

touch: soft silky weimaraner ears


14 Responses to “five senses friday, take 2”

  1. this is a fun game! i love the touch of those silky ears even if it is not his favorite show of affection 🙂

  2. Buds and blossoms! And a green background. This post makes me very happy.

  3. Pho, I should write a new diet book:) I could live off it, except on those really hot days. Delicious.

  4. if the pho noodles do not get me YUM!
    the silky dog ears will…~
    you are so creative with your senses!

  5. Don’t you just love dog ears!?! Buster’s ears are so soft. Buddy’s are just floppy. I love the smell of almond extract, too, much better than vanilla. Is that a rhody, E? Such a beautiful capture of it – gorgeous!!

  6. Mmmm…I love pho…one of my favorite summer treats

  7. Yum!! It’s Saturday, but I want to play.

    Sight – a sewing machine set up on the table, waiting for me to finish my little project

    Taste – see below. As soon as it cools

    Smell – banana bread, fresh from the oven

    Touch – the soft fleece vest covering my husband’s chest

    Hearing – screaming, laughing girls on the swingset

  8. Dog ears rock…mine has silly ones that stick out like airplane wings, and we can always tell the ambient air temperature by touching the inside of her ears. And I love pho–though I have to confess to never being sure exactly how to pronounce it correctly.

  9. Did you say High School Musical? Let me gab a bag of microwave popcorn and I’ll be right on over.

  10. Gorgeous color and composition. So spring-like!!!

  11. Great five senses post! I played along, too.

  12. Is that Spring in the air I FEEL? : )

  13. christina: it is!

    lecia: I’ll have to check your version out!

    marcie: thank you!

    liss: come on over! it was good, but not as good as HSM1 or HSM2.

    sherri: the ears are the best part of them. 🙂 I say fo, though I don’t know if that’s right.

    relyn: oooooh, I like your list, and I’d love a piece of the banana bread!

  14. jenna: it would be good in the summer – it’s so light.

    toni: you know me and flowers, LOL. I was hoping someone would tell me what it is. 😉

    elk: 🙂

    MaryAnn: I need to learn how to make it!

    leanne: I’m glad. 🙂

    robin: me too .. it’s a shame he doesn’t appreciate it more.

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