five senses friday

it’s five senses friday over at abby try again so I thought you might like to join Atlas and me on our Thursday evening walk

sight — everyone and their dogs, yellow-gold sunlight glistening everywhere, red flowers blooming on a bush and pink petals covering the ground beneath it

smell — freshly mowed grass, spring

taste — crisp, salty authentic tortilla chips (made in Oregon) and guac

sound — a basketball dribbling, a girl yelling “stay!”, laughter

touch — a warm breeze on my face, the sun’s caress, the tug of my pup’s leash as he strains after a squirrel


19 Responses to “five senses friday”

  1. Beautiful. As a teacher, this is the kind of activity I try to share with youth. Go outside and open yourself up to the world through your senses!

  2. this is great!
    the photo makes me feel nice and warm.
    hopefully today will be sunny 🙂
    thank you for joining in.

  3. abby: that’s why I posted it! it made me feel warm .. and it’s the time of year when I need that feeling to remind me that spring really is on its way. 🙂

    wheredothechildrenplay: how fun – i would’ve loved that as an assignment!

  4. How wonderful! Hopefully the spring and warmth and other things you describe will be heard down our street soon. 🙂

  5. Love the filtered sunlight in the photo….and fresh mowed grass? Wow! I do live in the wrong state. What is guac?….sounds interesting.

  6. julie: I hope so too

    becca: guacamole

  7. so nice ~so you! ELK

  8. The photo that accompanies this entry is a sensory experience in itself, and not just visual. Spot on!

    (Found you via Five Senses Friday.)

  9. thank you!
    yes, houston is such a softy… especially his white parts. i wonder why that is.
    i love the name atlas. it was a contender when we were naming our son, but calder topped the list. 🙂

  10. Oh… that photo looks so springy…. it sounds like a nice walk. 🙂

  11. very nice—-thanks.

  12. I wish I could have been there with you. Sounds (smells/tastes/feels) lovely.

  13. sight – Flashpoint on tv, Buddy at my feet, and your lovely photo
    smell – Buster farting
    taste – spaghetti from supper
    sound – Buster snoring and a commercial on tv that just came on
    touch – a fuzzy lap blanket and the keys of my laptop
    That was fun – your senses aren’t something you think about, but take for granted. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  14. Lovely photo, and gorgeous descriptions of you immersed in the senses – do let us join you on your walks with Atlas again 🙂

  15. Right now:
    Sight: laptop screen, my hands on the keys, down blanket on my lap, disheveled living room around the computer screen.
    Smell: my house- hm…
    Taste: Diet Coke- I haven’t been awake long. 🙂
    Sound: clock ticking, Davin cracking eggs, computer fan running, keys being tapped.
    Touch: Smooth keys, bump on F and J key, coarse fabric of the Lazy Boy beneath my feet, hair hitting my shoulders…

    Yours was so much better. 😀

  16. I love this, I can smell the grass and feel the warm sun, spectacular image!

  17. suvarna: thanks!

    laura: LOL, I do like your list too

    green ink: thanks, I will!

    toni: all you need is a photo and you have your five senses post!

    leanne: that would be fun if you could join!

    ann: thanks

    amy: it was .. good thing too because the driving rain started on Saturday 🙂

    rebecca: I like the name Calder! I wonder why the white parts are softest – that is interesting

    jodi: thank you! I loved your blog btw .. but I didn’t see a way to leave comments.

    elk: thanks!

  18. Lovely! I’m doing Five Senses Friday, too… it’s fun! I’m glad I found your blog via Abby…your photography is inspiring.

  19. sherri: I’m glad you found me – so I could find your blog! 🙂

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