living the Tao

“Just sit there right now

Don’t do a thing

Just rest.

For your separation from God,

From love,

Is the hardest work

In this


– Hafiz


I am currently reading Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer, essays and thoughts on 81 of the verses in the Tao Te Ching. I had heard of the Tao Te Ching but had never read it. It is powerful. I feel the same way I did the first time I read Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. I was on a plane at the time and kept wanting to turn to my seat-mate to say, “Yes. Yes. Yes! You have to read this! Now this! And this!” 


18 Responses to “living the Tao”

  1. Those words are so powerful. I always like to joke that ‘it’s as easy as changing your mind’ – HA! Sounds like a great read..and I do love your accompanying image.

  2. I am getting ready to finish Blue Highways and I need a new book……..If you had to recommend 1 book to me……what would you choose?! I’m curious.

  3. That is a beautiful image to go with a message that touched a bell within–I felt as if I greeted a stranger that turned out to be an old friend.

  4. ww: Disappearing Destinations. And if you finished that one and wanted a second recommendation, I’d say this one. 🙂

  5. I love love love this photo. A wooden tennis racket and a wicker chair? Oh my. Is that The Saturday Evening Post?

  6. teresa: it is! it was inside a sleeping porch in Pittock Mansion. I just loved the scene.

  7. marcie: HA! If only it were that easy to change our minds, right!

    kym: he quoted that poem in the book and I just loved it.

  8. ha ha! i thought it said…”for your separation from COD”! after that, i just couldn’t get serious.

  9. ann: you don’t think cod = love. crazy talk! 😉 your comment got me giggling over here.

  10. A very nice vignette that tells a story. I’m not sure what the story is, because I’m too tired to figure it out. 😛 I like DST, but I hate the change to it. Cool quote.

  11. Just the title of this book is so true along. I thin finding happiness within yourself and your life is all about state of mind.

    Is this photo another from your outing with Robin?

  12. Love the photo Elizabeth! How peaceful.

  13. I know that you were tagged to do a self portrait. And you never did one. Okay, so maybe you aren’t a rule follower. But I know you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. And I think you are. 😉

  14. mindijo: heh. doubtful .. I actually do have a photo to post .. but I just can’t seem to get to it. maybe next week ..

    se’lah: thanks! it felt very peaceful.

    liss: yes, most of this week’s photos have been

    toni: LOL, I’m still recovering too ..

  15. I missed this post…sorry. I adore Wayne Dyer. But I far prefer to listen to him (what an amazing voice) than read his books. I just can’t stay focused when I’m reading them. I have to find something of his on CD!

  16. your excitement at what you are learning never ceases to excite me right back! i can so relate to that feeling of wanting to turn to the person next you….no wait!…turn to the entire world i am in and shout it out. yes you must read this and this and what about this this too!

  17. leanne: now I will have to see if the library has an audio book of his! I’m very curious to hear his voice

    robin: thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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