what’s that

I always enjoy Toni’s “thingy” photos, so I thought I should post a thingy of my own. A coworker needed photos of connectors for web content so I took a few connectors home to try to get her some macro shots. I do know that this is a motherboard, but I have forgotten the name of the connector that I was supposed to be capturing here.


11 Responses to “what’s that”

  1. Looks like a minature robot “thingy”. 😀

  2. 😀 Looks like a thingy to me! Excellent job capturing whatever it is, E. 😉

  3. silver thingy to behold! ELK 🙂

  4. The blue one is a DVI connector and the one below it is a HDMI connector. Both used for video, and in the case of the second it’s used for audio as well 🙂
    Then to the right you have your USB and Firewire. The red one is the eSATA or external SATA connector so you can connect an external hard drive.
    Oh can’t forget the Ethernet connector there ^_^

  5. yes, DVI, that’s what I was taking the photo of! thanks Luis! 🙂

  6. I thought it was a mini city!

  7. Looks like a US skyline! My technical abilities and knowledge go no further than switching the main plu on for my computer, I think there are hobgoblins and other creatures inside the black box working the magic! ha ha

    A neat shot, Elizabeth

  8. jack: thanks!

    ews: it does look like a skyline! great eye!

    kym: it really could be!

    elk: 🙂

    toni: you get the credit for inspiring me 😉

    laura jean: I can see a robot now too!

  9. The last time I opened up a pc was to take some memory to for a pc no one at work uses and place it in mine to boost the speed.

  10. They look like some alien version of Legos. Or, maybe I think that way because I spend my days with seven year olds.

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