I know you want this CD

You guys rock! Thanks so much for the fantastic ideas yesterday!

I wanted to say thanks and – since I’ve been meaning to do this giveaway since November – figured that now was the time.

Remember when I told you about my coworker’s CD: Ghost in the Glass? Well .. it’s available for purchase!

If you want to win a copy – and I know you do – leave me a comment and I’ll draw a name on Thursday evening. In the meantime, you should go check it out. It’s well worth a listen.

Good luck!


Helen: if you read this, no need to leave a comment; I will order your copy at the same time. See – I didn’t forget!


10 Responses to “I know you want this CD”

  1. Hey E. Good luck with the name search. I just left a comment on yesterday’s post. Finding a name is so hard! But so important, so take your time.

  2. You know I’ll comment! ;D
    That guy’s got it going on!!!

  3. pickmepickmepickme*imawinnerimawinnerimawinner

  4. I’ll go check it out, I like music of almost any sort.

  5. Did you come up with a few names yet? I’m very curious to see what you’ll choose?

    I may be the recipient of the loser prize. My motivation has fallen off of the map. I bought some tea to help but it tastes like a combination of celery and cranberries…. ugh.

  6. BTW: I listened to a little of music. The instrumentals are great!

  7. I only just saw yesterday’s post you readers came up with some creative ideas

    I am going to take a differnt path to the others and suggest as a name

    “Spritual Atlas”

    knowing how much your beauitful pup means to you, it would be kinda cool if you could include his name. It also has a double meaning especially if your business is going to encompass different modalities as you stated.

  8. What a wonderful image. FUN!!!

  9. I missed something……need to go back……I’m always behind!

  10. ***WINNER***


    clearly your “pickmepickmepickeme” worked


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