I need your ideas

I know my blog readers are a creative bunch.

Here’s the deal. I have all these reiki and wellness posts rolling around in my head and really want to start a new blog to chronicle my journey. The problem .. my eventual second career will be related to wellness so I want to start my blog with a name that I can also use for my eventual business. I know, I know .. I should figure out exactly what that business will be .. but I’d really like a more general name that could encompass different modalities. Mostly because I have a million interests and ideas and am not the kind of person who can ever do just one thing. It will be holistic and it will be alternative. It will include reiki. It may include BodyTalk. It could include homeopathy or naturopathy or yoga .. like I said, I have lots of ideas.

So yes, I need a name. The name I would love to use is Blue Sky Wellness. Alas, I did a web search and there already are a couple of businesses in Portland with that same name. Sniffle .. it really is perfect. I rather like Inside Out Wellness. I pondered something with Healing Hands but that’s much too common. I tried to think of a name that would convey a flower blooming but nothing’s struck me yet. And yes, I did consider naming it after Atlas but that is even more common (and not particularly appealing to me). Oooooh .. that does give me an idea though about flipping through my mythology dictionary.

I asked my intuition for ideas, which is where the Inside Out name came from, but it also suggested that I ask you. So .. any ideas for me?! I’d love to hear them!

29 Responses to “I need your ideas”

  1. How about simple “Blue Sky” (no wellness in the name)

  2. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Awakened Soul”…but that doesn’t really flow…

  3. how ’bout something with ‘whole’, or a word that is along that flavor…it reminds me of you.

  4. ummm…something like “Flowing Soul” might work…



  5. How about Wellness from Within? My brother in law has a clinic called Blue Sky Health in your old hometown area…blue sky must be a popular thought. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

  6. How about “Self Health”.

  7. I love it! You guys and gals have gotten my brain spinning over here ..

    amy: oooh, that rhymes. 🙂

    sue: now I know who you are! I forgot about the name of his clinic – clearly he has good taste. 🙂

    jen: I was trying to think of something with the word holistic but nothing had come to mind yet .. I could make up my own word – wholistic – which would be funny because I am always wishing that techies wouldn’t make up words, LOL

    laura: you gave me some good ideas .. including a good idea for a life coaching business if I ever decide to do that. Clearly I have way too many ideas 😉

    jack: I like the imagery 🙂

    lauren: I like that .. but what I wonder is whether if people saw a name like Blue Sky, if they would know what it was? I’d like the name to give some idea.

  8. Pushing UP Daisies
    Blooming Bodies, Blooming Minds
    Flower Body and Soul
    Body and Mind Essentials
    Blue Iris Healing

  9. ann: you are a creative genius *goes off to ponder*

  10. Now *this* is where my creativity is weak. I am reading these, though, and appreciating all the responses. Some good ideas to work with here… 🙂

  11. lol…. I was just thinking of my suggestion and was thinking it could get twisted as the Self Centered and that wouldn’t be good.. 🙂 Maybe I suggest The Centered Self instead- or maybe not.. I give up.

  12. julie: now that you say that, i can totally see the twist, LOL. some self-centered-ness is actually a very good thing though. 🙂

    leanne: yes, some great ideas!

    for anyone who’s wondering what the current status is — at the moment, I am really loving Blue Lotus Wellness as a choice, though I have to think about whether I love how the last two words sound together

  13. I cannot compete with such wonderful possibilities already posted, so I shall simply say that I love the reflective qualities of todays photograph. So simple, and creative

  14. I’d likely avoid many of the cliche and common names. If you are already liking the idea of a flower, look up the meanings of what some flowers/plants symbolize and go with a short quick name using it (Lotus life, lotus alive). I use the lotus only because I have seen the lotus in logos for wellness places so I looked it up:

    I’m sure you’ll come up with something really simple and fresh once you do a bit more research on meanings and maybe narrow down your specific business plan. It all sounds very exciting and wonderful so I really wish you well with it. I’ve been involved in canine wellness for years so it’s always great to know others are pursuing these modalities whether for people or pets. Good luck!!

  15. diane: thanks much. I thought of the lotus flower while I was on a walk earlier this evening and loved the symbolism of it. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes! I would love to incorporate canine wellness as well. I love using reiki on my pup – it has helped him on many occasions. 🙂

    ews: thanks! I was just amazed how it reflected in the door because I do not remember it being glass.

  16. How ’bout a sanskrit name?
    Prana – strength
    Samadhi – concentration
    Or – failing all that..I like Diane’s suggestions. Sounds like a great adventure…

  17. hey i was just looking at your old posts and it reminded me that you never sent me the cd from that guy……..i suppose it’s lost in the mail, because i’m sure you sent it:)

  18. and didn’t you appreciate my insight on your future career:)….i can see it helped

  19. marcie: oh, good ideas too. I like prana.

    helen: I’m way ahead of you. see this afternoon’s post. but don’t leave a comment because yours will come too. 😉

  20. I’m not good at this kind of thing. I Googled business name generator and visited about two pages worth of links, to no avail. I was thinking something with “zen” in the name, but wasn’t sure if that fit into what you were trying to achieve. Finding a good name is important, so I wish you luck!
    As far as Blue Lotus Wellness, I don’t care for Lotus and Wellness together, but if you could find a third word to seperate them, I think it would sound better – Lotus Zen Wellness, maybe. I DON”T KNOW!

  21. Instead of blue sky, how about Pacific Sky Wellness?

  22. oh, jen, that *is* an idea! too many ideas! 😉

  23. I don’t have any other ideas to add but I’m impressed but some of the others- esp. Wellness from Within and Pacific Sky Wellness. Oh, and I also like the picture. 🙂

  24. A new reader and so impressed! I love the design of this blog. I’m a 63 year old going on 12. Have been a follower of the Tao for a long time. Maybe it’s already out there, but how about the name The Middle Way to Wellness ? Anyone familiar with the Tao would know and if they weren’t familiar, it might create a question enough in their mind to check it out… btw… am new to Compooterland! Have never commented before… hope I did it right!

  25. Whole in One Wellness… or does that sound too golf-ish? I don’t even like golf.

  26. holly: it does sound kind of golfish but I like the play on words

    tjake: I want to be like you! I just LOVE your idea .. really love it. It’s on my short list of alternates.

    julie: those were good suggestions, weren’t they!

    ww: powerful ..

    toni: I think I may have overcome my initial objection to the sound of it!

    fyi — while I reserve the right to still change my mind .. I am really feeling Blue Lotus Wellness 🙂

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