in the still of the night

there is something so very magical about the evening hour


11 Responses to “in the still of the night”

  1. Dusk in my favorite time of day in the winter!

  2. I love the colors in that photo. Silhouettes against skies create some of my favorite shots and you did an excellent piece here.

  3. this is a wonderful time for thaking beautiful photos. I love the colour of the sky.

  4. ahh, blue sky in a setting sun.

  5. I love the blues in the photo. Very lovely.

  6. Stunning colors. Love this!!!

  7. I agree, though I love the morning dawn more!

  8. thanks, all.

    holly: I like dawn too, but it’s so early. 😉

  9. What a beautiful pic! I love that time of day.

  10. could not let the day pass without telling you how beautiful this is!

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