deja vu

Atlas turns 6 next Sunday, which will mean he’s considered a mature adult (or something like that, it’s the category just before geriatric) by his vet. Yet I look at this photo (from Saturday), and I see the puppy that came home with me 5 1/2 years ago. Good thing .. because I certainly can’t stop calling him puppy after all this time. I have been getting older too, and they do say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Tee-hee.


20 Responses to “deja vu”

  1. He still looks like a puppy, slightly more mature than when you brought him home. 🙂 I took a look at the other pics from when you brought him home – so sweet! I love this shot, E. Love the angle, love Atlas’ focus on his mommy. 🙂
    Buddy turned three last month and I still call him “puppy dog”. I’ve seen a whole new maturity from him the last couple of weeks, though, since his birthday. He’ll still take Buster’s ball away from him, but instead of keeping it (like he used to do), he gives it back. After he chews on it a few times first for good measure.

  2. Six years already?! Wow…those years have flown. I just finished ready Marley and Me…he talks about dog years…your post reminded me.

  3. I wonder what birthday fun you have in store for him?! I can’t wait to see…..I betcha it involves A with a party hat on ;o)

  4. Time does fly, doesn’t it. He’s still so cute. Puck and Ty will be 7 this year, and Dory will be 6. It’s crazy. It seems like they were just little, but that we’ve had them forever.

  5. LoL…my little doggie is now 11 and still looks like a little puppy minus a few teeth that have dropped out due to old age…time flies! Anyway, an early Happy B’day to Atlas 🙂

  6. My baby Miles, will be 6 next fall! They are the friends, that are always there, no matter what.

    Happy Birthday, Atlas! : )

  7. i wish i were still in the category just prior to geriatric:(
    he is the sweetest middle aged boy i know.

  8. That’s 42 years old in human years. Most Males are still not mature at that age! LOL

    I think there is still some cheeky puppy still left inside Atlas.

  9. Love the tilt….puts me just a little off-balance. Wonderful image!!!!

  10. Can you post some baby pictures in honor of his birthday? I didn’t know him then. Happy birthday, Atlas!

  11. Leanne: here’s one, though it wasn’t taken by me. I didn’t meet him until he was 6 months old so this is the only baby photo I have. 🙂

  12. That is an absolutely glorious shot of Atlas! I can see puppy written all over him!
    BTW, we still call Bonbon “puppy” too, and she’s almost 8. If we stopped using that nickname I think she’d be really confused.

    There’s a 10-yr-old Brittany Spaniel mix, male, in the paper today over at Human Society of the Willamette Valley. My heart wrenched thinking that he’s one of the many pets given up due to the economy. I have his picture on the dining table for Michael to see when he gets home…….

  13. Holy stinkin moly. He was an ADORABLE puppy. And such a handsome dog. 🙂

  14. lydia: oh. 😦 are you thinking of getting him?!

  15. I looked at the website and he’s not there, so somebody probably adopted him today. That’s good news; it means that people are still saving these guys. Our HS has cut two weekdays from its daily schedule in an attempt to stay afloat. It’s scary that the animals will be without public exposure for two full days…..those could be the exact days that some of them would have been taken home.

    I guess the point here is that if we have any extra money it would be ideal to donate some to our local humane societies.

    Happy Birthday to Atlas, and many more!

  16. lydia: agree, I am trying to donate more this year because I know they need it.

    leanne: weimy puppies are adorable. I’ve seen them and could easily talk myself into going home with a whole litter.

    marcie: I have to cock my head to look at it 🙂

    liss: it’s actually closer to 50 for Atlas; larger dogs age a bit more quickly

    robin: LOL, you are FAR from geriatric, my friend, far from it 🙂

    christina: I don’t know if I’ve seen photos of Miles .. I’ll have to look

    howard: LOL, just like a puppy – they lose teeth too 😉

    amy: I know!!!

    ww: I wish .. but I cannot. It seems like his birthday should be fun for him, and a party hat would be fun for me, torture for him, LOL. Maybe on my birthday!

    becca: time does fly .. that was a good book. I should re-read it.

    laura: 🙂

    toni: Buddy is so adorable. I saw some maturity in Atlas at 3, much more at 5.

  17. Uh oh, this sunday????????…..well, if it’s a little late, that’s okay:)……….yep, kia also is getting old, she’ll be a senior on her next b-day so the vet gave us some info cuz she is supposed to get biannual checkups once she’s 7

  18. Happy Birthday, Atlas!!!

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