i heart atlas

I spent a couple of hours at the ocean on Saturday and came home with about 250 photos. As I went through them, I easily hit delete-delete-delete-delete. Unless it was a photo of Atlas. Then I said, “Awwwwww .. I know it’s not the greatest quality but look at how cute he is. I’ll just keep it for my own enjoyment.” Heh. Now you might be able to guess how many photos of Atlas are in my iPhoto albums.


14 Responses to “i heart atlas”

  1. Love your point-of-view. From where you sit (or squat or kneel) – he looks larger than life. Wonderful perspective!

  2. omi!!! i LOVE this POV. and being a dog lover and owner, i love what this picture expresses.. which comes to me as playful curisoty and why is my owner down low?? 🙂

  3. I love this shot, too! Love the angle, love the POV, love that curiosity of Atlas’ wondering what the heck you are doing, making sure you are okay. It must be so NICE to be able to just drive to the coast for a couple of hours. It would take me about seven hours or more just to get there. Sigh.

  4. it’s such a great invitation for a chase… it reminds me of Anna Kuperberg’s work:)

    btw – the dove is doing great, my mom has lavished it with all her love

  5. smooth
    Atlas and the sea!

  6. Haha..looks like a really fun shot here….like the others noted, he must be wondering what you were doing shoot off 200+ shots

  7. howard: I think he just thinks I’m crazy, LOL

    elk: clearly he is a sea dog

    MaryAnn: oh wow .. you have no idea what a compliment that is to me. I heart her dog blog immensely.

    toni: well .. the good thing there is that then you have an excuse to stay longer!

    lauren: or .. why is she sticking the camera under my neck, LOL

    leanne/marcie: thanks!

  8. i ❤ atlas too. i want my own atlas, one day.

    love the perspective, the beach looks fabulous, the dog is perfect. love it!

  9. this is so cute. Did you get wet taking it?

  10. maya: thanks 🙂

    liss: thankfully, no, I got wet taking one of me, LOL

    holly: I agree 😉

  11. I love it! He is a gorgeous dog.

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