do you think you’re creative?

I used to think that I wasn’t creative. I couldn’t draw or create art like my sister Amy or my brother Joe and to me, that defined creativity. I wasn’t in a “creative” profession and to me, that defined creativity. I spent (still spend, really) a lot of time in the analytical, logical, data-driven side of my brain and to me, that defined a lack-of-creativity.

One day, I had an ah-ha moment. I realized that creativity was so much more expansive than my definition of it – and realized all the areas in which I was creative.

Now, I believe that everyone is creative.

: If you’ve ever had to take random food items and turn them into a meal – you were creative.

: If you’ve ever made up a story or song for your kids (or dog) – you were creative.

: If you’ve ever danced around the living room to a favorite song – you were creative.

: If you’ve ever decorated your home for a party or your table for a meal – you were creative.

: If you’ve ever played “let’s pretend” – you were creative.

: If you’ve ever made a homemade card for a loved one – you were creative.

: If you’ve ever improvised at all – you were creative.

: and on and on and on ..

I do believe you can nurture creativity in other areas, by the way, but it helps if you first realize just how creative you really are!

What do you think?


21 Responses to “do you think you’re creative?”

  1. I’m thinking anyone that takes such beautiful photos is creative in anybody’s book.

  2. see .. that was the thing .. I didn’t think about my photos. Or my card-making. Or anything else .. I mean to say that I didn’t think about it being creative. It was just something I did .. πŸ™‚

    that’s why I’m curious what everyone else thinks about creativity in their life!

  3. There are so many different ways to be creative, E. Your aha moment was totally correct. When my son, the chef, cooks a meal, he is being creative. When my other son gets on the Photoshop, he is being creative. When you stand in the street and twirl while you take a picture, you are being creative. I get my creativity fix in a variety of ways, but I do have to have it or I feel like I am stagnating. Even when I’m at work I find ways to create, whether it is a mile wide spreadsheet with formula after formula into the double B columns, or making a field map in a database program. I bet you are more creative at work than you realize.

  4. I agree with you Elizabeth but I still don’t see myself as creative. Maybe this has something to do with the way I think others see me. The people I think most of in my life seem to never like my work or photography, making me feel less creative and doubting myself.

    I think creativeness is a state of mind and one I feel I don’t carry off too well.

    Toni: next time I need some complexed V-look up table created I know who to talk too πŸ™‚

  5. Exactly! you’ve got it Elizabeth- I have long thought that creativity is really just problem solving- finding new solutions. It is simply looking at things in a different way. As someone who does think she is creative, I don’t find it such a mystery.

    I sometimes mentally “turn” a problem or object upside down in my mind to get different view- it helps me see a different solution. Or physically get a different view- try this- bend over and look at everything upside down- (head between your legs if you can) it gives a different perspective.

    Creativity muscles can be built/strengthened. Those brainstorming exercises are good examples of ways to do this. Practice makes you stronger.

    Good topic- I have a lot to say about creativity!

  6. I’m a true believer in everyone having the ability to ‘be creative’. Creativity is more process..than product. It’s how you ‘are’ in the you respond and interpret and react. Wonderful post!

  7. Yes I agree entirely. Everyone is creative in a host of ways. Sometimes you just need to take a moment to look and see

  8. I am the least creative person on earth. hee!
    I don’t let that bother me though, I keep going and do what I love. I make things, take different classes. I will buy ink, paint canvases and have a blast.

    Creativeness can be a thought, that leads to something great. ; )

  9. Thank you, Libby. I will be watching for (and acknowledging) my creativity.

  10. toni: wow – I had not thought of my Excel charts that I make for fun as being creative – but you’re right, they really are! I’ll have to think about work ..

    liss: I’ve seen your photos – you ARE creative. If there are those who don’t like them, perhaps they just have different taste! πŸ™‚

    jan: I am not sure I can get my head between my legs, but I will try. I have read that yoga inversion poses are so beneficial because they get blood flowing to your brain – which I think we all agree needs fresh oxygen. I’d love to read a post with more of your thoughts on creativity! Hint, hint ..

  11. AMen, I think you’re right! πŸ˜‰

  12. Well, according to your examples, I guess I have been creative. However, I’ve never thought myself as being creative. But guess what? I don’t mind not being creative. I admire and thoroughly enjoy those that are. But I’m content with “boring”, predictable me. That’s okay, right? πŸ™‚

  13. laura: totally ok .. πŸ™‚

  14. a BIG thanks Elizabeth for your “ah ha” moment you really encouraged me today with this post!
    blessings, ELK

  15. Oh, thank you for this! What would it mean to be human without our creativity?

  16. Thank you so much for this post!

    For the majority of my life, I thought I wasn’t creative – due to an elementary school teacher who did not like my drawing ;o)

    Now, I agree – I feel that we are all creative, each in our own way!

  17. gkp: you are absolutely a creative photographer – your photos always make me catch my breath

    elizabeth: very true

    elk: you’re welcome!

    holly: πŸ™‚

    leanne: I’m glad

  18. Being a parent has definitely brought out a creative side in me I never knew existed.

  19. tara: you were/are funny and imaginative and musical. I think of you as creative. But I can imagine that life with Nolan inspires lots of creativity! πŸ™‚

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