coffee klatch

the sort of coffee shop where I can sit and read for hours

also the home of these colorful chairs


14 Responses to “coffee klatch”

  1. Oh you and I will get along, just fine. : )

  2. It looks like a good place to me… 🙂

  3. laura: I did too!

    christina: I think we really would 🙂

    amy: there were big comfy couches and chairs too

  4. Do they have chai tea? I can’t do coffee, or I should say my stomach can’t do coffee. 🙄 Such a colorful and inviting sign.

  5. toni: they do! come on down and I’ll meet you there. 🙂

  6. I am sure this is a great place to read and inbetween chapters some people watching would be the go.

    I love the sign and the way sunday has been crossed out. Who wants to work on Sundays!!

  7. oh yes the table chairs belong here ~wonder filled place I am sure…love the sign !!

  8. The BEST kind of coffee shop!!! Took one look at the sign and thought – it’s my kind of place!!!

  9. Cody is trying to turn me into a coffee drinker…….bet it’s a good place to people watch!

  10. What a vacation!
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  11. I’m curious about the kids’ play areas… 🙂

  12. leanne: I didn’t see them; I think they were in the back.

    MaryAnn: ooooh – I like that link!

    ww: I don’t love coffee, unless it’s disguised with chocolate and/or milk and/or ice and/or flavorings. 🙂

    marcie: agree!

    elk: they did! There were aqua ones too!

    liss: yes, good people-watching too

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