no. 3

my response to the third challenge from The Four

an interpretation for the quote:

“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”

– Brian Andreas


9 Responses to “no. 3”

  1. orange chairs very inviting …how much time may have passed…ELK

  2. ~love~ this interpretation! excellent job!

    I like the older feel of this image……

  3. I love that quote. Of course, I apply it to motherhood. My MIL was saying to me recently that she wonders why I don’t video tape my boys more…like at birthday parties, etc. I assured her than I have dozens of hours of videotape of them doing their “ordinary” things. Playing with each other, singing songs, eating dinner. THOSE moments are the ones I’ll miss. I have a videotape of the boys when they were both chilling in Jack’s crib, probably a year and a half ago and Matty asked what I was doing. “Videotaping you guys,” I told him. He asked why and I told him, “Because I’m going to miss you when you’re grown.” Thanks for giving me a moment to remind me of “ordinary life.”

  4. Great interpretation, E. I go there and check in on the challenge, but haven’t taken part yet.

  5. Perfect image to accompany the quote. You’ve taken an ordinary scene and transformed into the extraordinary. Well done!

  6. what a perfect selection for your response! I love this elizabeth 🙂 my husband was walking pas the computer and i told him where you took this and he said right away, “i really like that shot”


    i’ll be gone for the next mee-tup but will absolutely plan for the one after that!

  7. i can’t seem to type anything without those silly mistakes.

  8. This is awesome….definitely not your normal composition…..I like when you step outside the box!!

  9. ww: you know, it isn’t my usual composition; I hadn’t noticed it until you pointed it out. 🙂

    robin: that will be fun! I hope you’re having fun down south, btw. 🙂

    marcie: thanks

    toni: I bet you’d have a good interpretation!

    leanne: you’re right; those are the moments to miss.

    gkp: me too

    elk: hours ..

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