kundalini rising

By chance, I stopped at a furniture store today and saw this painting. She spoke to me in a way that only a few pieces of art ever have, and so I took her home. [It’s 71 inches high!] It reminds me of the emotional cleansing that I am going through and seems to promise that it will all be worth it in the end.


12 Responses to “kundalini rising”

  1. I love it. Katherine said “Wow.” (I don’t think she loves it as much as me.) We also bought this print by Susanne Aunen, called The River, which is my graduation present, today. I’ve been waiting for the Artisans’ Gallery to have it in the right size. It’s always dangerous when we go there.

  2. I was wondering what you’d think of it! I’m glad you love it. Wait until you see it in full size someday – it is even better. Clearly I have an affinity for art that includes a lone woman. πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad you bought the painting (I’m assuming it’s the Iowa scene you mentioned before) – hopefully I can see it when I’m there.

  3. I LOVE that you bought a painting for yourself that spoke to you. Absolutely love it.

  4. Of course I love it too. I really love the painting, but I love that she spoke to you even more. That’s what art is supposed to do. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see it.

  5. It’s a beautiful piece of art, E. Congratulations on your find and for having an open heart to let it speak to you in such a way.

  6. I am gald you bought this lovely paining. Sometime when we dont buy these things we regret it later and wished we had. Good on you.

  7. Powerful painting. I can see why you titled it kundalini rising. It has a truly spiritual feel.

  8. It is absolutely lovely! I love the spirituality it holds. : )

  9. She is absolutely beautiful….

    Where are you going to put her in your home?

  10. gkp: on the wall of the landing half-way up the stairs. The wall goes up two stories, so it’s the perfect spot for a large piece. and I stop and look every time I go upstairs or downstairs. πŸ™‚

  11. giving in to your hearts desire and listening to that voice is such a healing thing in itself! i’m so glad you found her.

  12. I’m glad that so many can see what I saw in her. πŸ™‚

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