I am still here, just distracted


11 Responses to “boo”

  1. What a scare! Don’t tell me that pumkin has been sitting at your door steep for the last 4 months?? Lol..joking 😛 I can see that it’s too fresh to be from last Halloween.

  2. FUN!!! Great colors…and fun to be reminded of colorful autumn.

  3. Oh I am feeling the exact same way 🙂
    Distracted in a bad way sorting out dramas. Why do simple things have to get so complicated?

  4. E let it come…let it go ELK

  5. Seriously, Elizabeth? A jack-o-lantern in FEBRUARY??? You certainly are distracted! Kidding. 😀

  6. laura jean: hey – it totally fit with my post! you should be applauding my creativity. 😉

    toni: I’m not sure .. I am a bit suspicious that it’s back again .. but I will wait and see.

  7. Take your time, ~real~ life happens!

  8. This post totally made me laugh. I love “out of place” stuff. 🙂 Take your time, friend.

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