graceful dancer

as you can clearly see, my latest photos remain on my camera .. waiting patiently to be uploaded

while I wander through my albums .. reminiscing

this flower was outside our room in Aguas Calientas

I loved it

it reminded me of a graceful ballerina

or an acrobat

or a hummingbird sipping on nectar


9 Responses to “graceful dancer”

  1. Definitely a humming bird. The colors of a chili pepper. : )

  2. Great eye! It really does look like a dancer. Love the color..and ‘interpretation’. Excellent!

  3. Sometimes it is good to go back through the album for some gems that have been missed. My first thoughts were hummingbird, then dancer. Both!

  4. It’s really pretty… I’m used to seeing them with more orange than red. Aqua Caliente is exactly what I need:) Happy Weekend & Valentines.

  5. Green! I love it! The flower looks like its waiting for something…so still…

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Libby!

  6. I love that you see a dancer in the flower- I wouldn’t be one to notice something like that, but once you mentioned it, that’s all I see! Plus, I love the vivid colors in this photo! 🙂

  7. yep… totally see a dancer.

  8. or a yoga master in an impossible-to-see-where the heck-his-head-is pose…

  9. robin: OH – that is a good one too!

    julie: 🙂

    laura: I did too

    leanne: it was waiting for me, no doubt 😉

    MaryAnn: it sounds like you know what it is???

    toni: we’re on the same wave length 🙂

    marcie: thanks!

    christina: mmmmmm .. now you’ve made me hungry

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