if my house was a museum

this is how it would look

isn’t it beautiful?

everything with a place

and everything in its place


22 Responses to “if my house was a museum”

  1. Funny when you think of it, but our houses would be a museum if left as they are. Everything we use each day, every ornament, becomes a desirable, collectible item thirty years or so down the line. All those items from my parents house back in the sixties and seventies now make us laugh as they command big money and have become desirable by the successive generations.

    Mind you, my house would not look as symmetrical and tidy as this photograph, Elizabeth! Ha ha

    A neat shot with perfect lines and symmetry, and it made me think, also.

  2. Sweet. Nice shot.

  3. Um…it’s too clean…seriously…it needs to be messed up…something moved out of alignment…a little dust maybe…and where’s all the dog hair dust bunnies??

  4. oh how creative ~ the browns the repetition …

  5. this is too cool. i could seriously live like this. great floors! : )

  6. Where’s my P-Touch Label Machine? Gorgeous

  7. Wow, I love it! That’s exactly how I like things I’m in charge of…outside my house! I like my house to have more cozy feel, but when I’m at the hospital, say, I am constantly organizing and straightening books, games, medical supplies…you name it, if I can get my hands on it, it’s going to look perfect! 🙂
    Oh, and back in the day when I worked at Target, it took me FOREVER to “zone” at the end of the night- I was much to picky- and not fast enough for everyone else- they would finish there sections and come help me so we could get out of there. Always bugged me because I knew MY section wasn’t perfect. 😀

  8. their, not there. I’m sure there are other typos!!!

  9. Love the image – the simplicity..the colors..your point-of-view. But – I wouldn’t want to live in a house that was this orderly. Not enough room for creativity and mess!!!

  10. I love this picture. Where was it taken?

  11. leanne: at the Museo Larco in Lima

  12. Ha! I’m glad in this instance I came in late so I could read the last reply to the question I also had: where was this taken! It’s gorgeous.
    Are those decoys on the right? I sent a friend in Scotland a duck made from an old golf club end-thingy (I’m not a golfer). It was absolutely beautiful. (I found it at Made in Oregon, by the way.) He said that his wife immediately claimed it and she loves it. That’s what these guys in your photo reminded me of.

  13. beautiful .. I like order too

  14. Well, now I want to see pics of the inside of your house!

  15. lydia: they’re not decoys. I believe they were all pieces of pottery – bowls, pitchers, etc.

    holly: LOL, I said *if* my house were a museum.

  16. Very pretty picture…. but I would have to resist the urge to put one of the ducks backwards, just because.

  17. although now that I look at it again I see that there is glass so I couldn’t

  18. Interesting shot! I wish my house were that organized.

  19. Pots on one side and ducks on the other…so interesting 🙂 I don’ t think I could stand my house being a museum…then everything would be too expensive to handle…lol

  20. i can sure relate to this wish. in theory anyway. i was going to ask where the heck this is but i see you already answered..

  21. robin: maybe we both need cleaning people. 😉

    howard: that is a good point.

    lauren: mine is organized, but I am not sure there is always beauty to the organization

    julie: tee-hee .. no, you couldn’t.

    liss: 🙂

    lydia: I don’t think they were decoys, but who knows!

    marcie: I like mess, but only for a brief time and then it needs to be cleaned up 😉

    laura: I feel you! I’m always trying to organize the books and toys at the shelter. I have finally given up, because it never lasts – even while I’m there – and the next time I visit, it’s all changed again. It’s like a never-ending project.

    MaryAnn: I LOVED my label machine!!! I had one when I was a kid; I labeled everything!

  22. christina: the floors are gorgeous, I agree.

    elk: I loved that

    toni: yeah .. Atlas does do a number on my love for order and cleanliness 🙂

    fundamentaljelly: thanks!

    ews: that is true. interesting to wonder what someone would think of me if they saw my artifacts many many years hence!

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